The experience on best juicers I’ve used

Considering the need for vitamins and nutrients required for a healthy diet, it is important that you own a juicing machine which provide you a healthy lifestyle. This is obviously one of the greatest benefit of using a best masticating juicer. Based upon the best juicers I’ve used, this article will surely help you find the perfect match for your juicing needs. To get you started with the routing of healthy juicing, I strongly recommend the following best available options to select from.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Being the best seller at Amazon.com, Omega J8006 Nutrition center juicer has performed outstanding upon my personal experience. No matter what type of fruit or vegetable you need to blend, the superfast rotation blades extract out the best nutrients and vitamins to give you a healthy output. It is a multifunctional machine which can yield high quality juices of all kinds. Moreover, it is quite simple to use and does not cause any sort of extra noises upon operation. Omega is no ordinary juicing machine, it is a masticating juicer which operates via 2 stage processing and yields minimum foam and heat. Furthermore, it ensures a longer shelf life of up to 72 hours which means you can prepare enough juice to last for 3 days.

Breville Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

the best juicer

For the people who are in search of a best quality dispencer juicer, I recommend the Breville Compact Juice Fountain to meet their daily juicing needs. The juicer is extremely easy to assemble, use and clean which also does not require a greater shelf space. Upon my personal testing, I have found this centrifugal juicer the ultimate choice for people who expect fast results. With 700 watts powerful motor, you can extract your favorite fruits and vegetables within minutes. Furthermore, the 3-inch feed tube does not requires cutting and chopping of fruits prior to juicing. So, if you are always in a hurry to prepare nutritious juices for your daily dieting requirements, Breville Compact will surely prove to be your best selection.

Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear Juicer

Coming over to my last recommendation for the best juicers, I have brought to you the ultimate super angel all stainless-steel twin gear juicer. Made out of 100 percent stainless-steel body, the juicer is surely the best available option in the low-price bucket. You can now prepare high nutrient juices with the support of powerful 3HP motor with unmatchable taste and greater shelf life. Furthermore, the machine can also be operated at low RPM which makes it best suitable for crushing and maximizing the output. With extended warranty of up to 10 years, I have found this machine the most productive for daily usage.

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These are the best kitchen knives I’ve tested

No kitchen is complete without a knife set which can support in preparing delicious meals in routine. There are different types, categories and materials used to prepare kitchen utensils so that users can select the material which best suits their cooking style. I have tested some of the best kitchen knives so that you can make your final decision without any hassle. So, if you are excited to learn some amazing facts and ideas regarding kitchen knives, I am sure this article will prove to be of great help.

Mac Knife Chef Series

Popular amongst both professional cooks and homeowners, the Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow edge 8-inch chef knife surely stands out of the odds. Made out of strengthened stainless steel material, the edges are constructed by the support of high carbon material so that you can cut and slice all sorts of food items. No matter what is your cooking style and attitude, the 2mm blade is absolutely rust resistant and does not requires any sort of maintenance. Furthermore, the knife also features a pakka wood handle for unmatchable grip and performance.

best kitchen knife

Shun DM0766 Classic Western Chef’s Knife

Coming over to our next selection for the best kitchen knives, Shun DM0766 classic is an absolute outperformer. Featuring a 22-degree cutting edge, the blade is designed out of VG-10 Super steel making it one of the strongest options available in the market. No matter whatever you need to slice or chop, there is nothing to stop Shun classic western knife’s performance. Following the western style and design pattern, the product includes a shorter handle and bigger blade of 8 inches to ensure better grip and handling.

Cangshan K Series 59199 German Steel Forged Santoku Knife

When considering the performance and durability of Cangshan K Series Santoku knife, we could find no better product which can meet your daily cooking needs. It is a full tang knife which features Asian style cutting edge so that you can chop, slice and mince any type of food item without any hassle. No matter what is your chopping or slicing style, the well balanced 7-inch nonstick blade and 5-inch handle are perfectly joined to give you best comfort.

Last Verdict

There are a number of different types and categories of kitchen knives which you can chose from. We have found that knives made out of stainless steel have remained users’ best recommendation because of their comfort and design pattern. Furthermore, the knife you select must have safe edges so that you can chop and slice any type of food material without any concerns. So, if you are confused on how to purchase a long lasting and effective kitchen knife, I am sure my recommendations will give you great support.

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Deciding which are the best kitchen knives to buy

When I start searching for something new, I always look for reviews of the product online. This is exactly what I did when I deciding between which are the best kitchen knives. I was looking for something sharp and easy to work with as my family love their fish, poultry and bread. It’s easy to say that I also got bored with the wooden knife block I had.


I was actually attracted to the look of the rectangular tempered glass block knife set. The knife set I’m talking about is the Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set (Tempered Glass Block). After going through many impressive reviews from the users, I purchased this set. Now, all of these knives were extremely sharp out of the box.

These knives come with a taper-ground blade which is why I think my cutting speed has increased over the year. With the boning knife, I can now happily deboned my poultry and fish daily. The bread knife is also a blessing as my sandwiches are much more prettier than before. I have never thought I would find a knife that easily slices through a loaf of bread.

The Perfect Blade

If you’re wondering about the balance and weight of the knife, it is perfect. The handle is also comfortable to hold and even when my husband accidentally bumped into me, the knife did not slip out of my hand. Also, do not worry about rusting or discolouration. The blades are made out of a high-carbon no stain German Steel. I usually dry them after washing. In my honest opinion, the rest of the knives I got with this set is a bonus to my knife collection.

Until now, I still get compliments about how classy these knives look on my kitchen counter. I really recommend adding this knife set to your kitchen. Now, I’m much happier in the kitchen than before.

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Options for Dairy Milk

If you’re a vegan or allergic to dairy products, you should not let that stop you from having milk with your coffee or tea. Nowadays, there are many other milk options on the market. You have Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk and Coconut Milk. Soy Milk is used by many people as an alternative. It even comes in different flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla and even Strawberry.

Almond Milk has become a trend for healthy eaters as it is not only easy to make but it is also creamy and sweet which is almost similar to dairy milk. Go for fortified almond milk as it has much more benefits. Rice Milk is less popular for drinking purposes as its texture is suitable for cooking. Do not consume this milk when you’re on a diet as it is high in carbs. Coconut Milk is the most popular among vegans as it is a replica of dairy milk. Another great fact is that if you’re allergic to soy milk, this is a great choice.

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