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What are the main reasons that lead Spaniards to request a quick loan?

It is increasingly common for Spaniards to find themselves forced to apply for a quick loan. But what is the reason? What drives us to need money so quickly and immediately? Well, according to a survey carried out by the loan portal website, 45% of Spanish users are forced to request a quick loan due to an unforeseen event.

The need to obtain quick credit 

The need to obtain quick credit 

We can say that since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, the need to obtain quick credit has become increasingly common among Spaniards. This trend has undoubtedly grown considerably since 2012, at which time most of the fintech companies began to appear, which are in charge of offering fast credit through the internet to all types of users, many of them previously rejected by traditional financial institutions. for not being considered solvent.

And there have been no doubt two reasons that have conditioned the proliferation and growth of this type of financial company:

  • The possibility of obtaining money in our own account from the comfort of our home and without having to wait for weeks for a negative or positive response. In addition, in many cases, the client receives the loan on his own account in less than 15 minutes in the case of small amounts.
  • There is no need to explain to the company that offers the money the reasons that lead the future client to request a quick loan.

The clients who applied for a loan

The clients who applied for a loan

According to the survey carried out by website, in addition to the 45% that we have already spoken about, 12% of the clients who applied for a loan did so in order to pay the amount of an invoice that they did not have. 8.73% requested the money to buy food because they could not meet the expenses necessary to feed their families. 8% requested a quick loan with the intention of repairing the vehicle or in order to face a traffic fine, 6.12% decided to apply for a quick loan to be able to pay the mortgage loan or the rental cost more comfortably. The remaining 20% ​​used the money to meet different types of essential expenses within households.

This portal, like other providers of quick loans to clients in need of immediate money, always emphasizes among applicants to learn how to use these types of platforms. A quick loan should never become the way to habitually face the expenses that we have to cover each month, but should be used as an emergency method in case of unexpected situations and situations that cannot be solved with our usual income. Applying for a quick loan should never become the usual way to make ends meet. We must never turn this action into a habit, since high interests will penalize our finances in a very aggressive way, and may place us in a truly complicated economic situation.

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Aaron Givens