Tips to know before you buy a kitchen knife

There are appliances in the home one cannot do without and kitchen knives are high on the list.They come in all sizes and for different purposes. There are those for cutting steak,chopping onions,spreading butter,slicing bread etc. If you’re looking for the best kitchen knife, look here. Or else, continue reading 🙂

When deciding to buy the best kitchen knives,there are some tips to follow:

1.Durability– The knife should have a strong handle so it doesn’t break easily or rust easily.

2.Country of Origin– Kitchen knives from for example German or Japan are of better quality than those of China which tends to break easily.

3.Use– The purpose for which you are going to use the knife will determine which type u will buy. Meat cleavers should be strong while butter knife should be light and easy to handle. All in all kitchen knives should always be clean and well placed so as not to cause accidents. If you are the knife falls, don’t try to catch it but let it fall to the floor instead.

I once tried to catch a knife after slipping while I was cleaning it and ended up with a cut on my small finger.

When it comes to storing knives always make sure they are :

1. Kept away from children.

2. Always place the blade closer to you so as to hold it first if u want to use it instead of the blade.

3. Choose a specific drawer in your kitchen cabinet just for knives.this will make it easier to locate when u want to use them.

4.Whenever you can probably after a month,have the knives sharpened so as to keep them in good working condition.

5. Finally, never forget to place the right knives at the dining table while having your meal.would you imagine trying to spread your peanut butter on the bread without a knife? What would homes be like without kitchen knives? A really dysfunctional place where things just can’t get done on time.

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